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Come Before His Presence With Thanksgiving 


What Shall I Render Unto the Lord for all of  His benefits? 

The Original Thanksgiving 





                        Lord of all the earth and sky, 

                   the great "I AM' who can satisfy. 

                   Thank You for Your creation. 

                            the sweetness of the lark's bright song, 

                             the beauty of an oak so strong, 

                            the power that makes day break each morn, 

                   We thank You, Great Creator. 


                   O Lord, who has created man, 

                   And designed the family in Your plan, 

                   For this we thank you. 

                             for love that blossoms in the home, 

                             for precious children that You loan, 

                             to need and be needed by someone, 

                   For this we thank You. 


                   O Lord, who gave to man a soul 

                   And provided a way to make him whole, 

                   For this we thank You. 

                            to know the sweetness of Your grace, 

                            the forgiveness that our sins erase, 

                            the joy of Your presence through our days, 

                   For this we thank You. 


                   And one day when our faith is sight, 

                   To be in Your presence, what delight 

                   At last to be able to give thanks aright, 

                   Then, Oh Lord, we will thank you forever. 


"Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving; let us make a joyful   

noise to him with songs of praise!                            

Psalm 95:2 


From "On the Back Step" by Doris Stensland 







By Doris Stensland - in Scope, November 1969  


                                                                                                                                                Ps. 116:12 


My heart is full

                                Blessings abound.

                                My whole being is yearning to expound

                                                my thanksgiving.

                                But words are not enough.

                                What can I render unto the Lord  

                                                for all of His benefits?  


                                He can't be repaid.

                                Grace came to bless.

                                But I am searching for avenues to express

                                                my thanksgiving.

                                because words are not enough.

                                What can I render unto the Lord  

                                                for all of His benefits? 


                                Just bloom where you're planted,

                                That's all that He asks.

                                He'll furnish the fragrance, your task

                                                is to be available.

                                And spread His Kingdom to your spot

                                                on earth.

                                This you can render unto the Lord 

                                                for all of His benefits. 


From "On the Back Step" by Doris Stensland 




If I had visited the Pilgrims that first Thanksgiving Day, 

I can only imagine how inspired I'd have been 

to hear these people pray. 

These Pilgrims set aside a day to thank the Lord above 

for being with them, blessing them with harvest and His love. 

These Pilgrims had trusting hearts, and they were generous too. 

They shared their feast with their neighbors - an Indian tribe or two. 

There were no racist problems here.  They treated them as friends.                                             

That day the Pilgrims' lights did shine as their "thank" givings  

did ascend. 

The Indians watched the Pilgrims celebrate and they perhaps were 

heard to state, 

"This God they are worshiping.  He really must be great."  


Now on our Thanksgiving Day as we sit to eat we're told, 

"Keep the prayer short …or the turkey will get cold!" 

If Governor Bradford, that old Pilgrim, had stopped at our  

houses today,                               

he'd most likely have had this to say…. 

"My friends, here I don't recognize our Special Day. 

From what I've seen and found . . . 

you folks have things turned around. 

Today you seem to have forgotten an important part -  

Thanksgiving is not about a "full stomach,"  

but a "thankful-to-God heart". 


From "Our Words are Blossoms" by Doris Stensland 



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