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Stensland Writings in National Church Magazines

Doris Stensland has written in a number of church magazines including Good News of Zion (The American Lutheran Church - Augsburg Publishing), The Lutheran Standard (American Lutheran Church - Augsburg Publishing), Scope (The American Lutheran Church Women - Augsburg Publishing) and The Lutheran Ambassador (Association of Free Lutheran Congregations).  In this section are some of her writings that were not already reflected in her books.    


Scope - December 1965
      By This is My Father Glorified . . That You Bear Much Fruit
Good News of Zion - November 1966
      When God Tabulates The Talents
Scope - January 1967
      I Can Do It MySelf
The Lutheran Standard - January, 1967
      God. . .You're coming in Loud and Clear
The Lutheran Standard - April 1967
      Rx for a Lukewarm Heart
Scope - June 1967
      Prayer of the Groom's Mother
Scope - November 1967
      Yours for the Taking
The Lutheran Standard - January 1968
      I Heard My Name
Scope - November 1969
Scope - February, 1970
      O Foolish Chick
Scope - July 1971
      Daisy Talk
Scope - April 1972
      Prayer at Baptism
Scope - February 1973
      There's More
Scope - August 1973
      A Message from the Master
Scope - August 1973
      He Was There All the Time
Scope - March, 1974
      You Don't Love Me As At First
Scope - August 1974
      "Don't You Know That I Make Butterflies?"
Scope - September, 1974
      Receiving the Word
The Lutheran Ambassador - December 1983
      Finding the Way to Bethlehem
The Lutheran Ambassador - September, 1984
      The Shepherd's Psalm
The Lutheran Ambassador - December 1991
      The First Christmas Program
The Lutheran Ambassador - July 2015
      God Can Use A Bush
The Lutheran Ambassador - August 2015
      The Benediction
The Lutheran Ambassador - September 2015
      When God Hears Your Prayer
The Lutheran Ambassador - October 2015
      Now is the Time
The Lutheran Ambassador - November 2015
      Thanks for the Blessings
The Lutheran Ambassador - December 2015
      The People God Uses
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