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Old Testament Women
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Old Testament Women

Doris led a bible study this summer about Women in the Old Testament. She used her writings about these women in Old Testament: Eve, Rachel, Naomi, Hannah, Abigail, The Shunammite Woman and Esther.


(about Eve) 


Once I was flesh and blood 

like you.  

I made a man's heart skip a beat, 

Held babies on my knee. 

Knew joy and sorrow, 

heartache and regret. 

I blazed the trail of womanhood 

as wife 

and mother, 

grandma too. 

I lived and breathed 

and laughed 

and cried. 

I was a real live woman 

just like you.  


from On the Back Step by Doris Stensland 



(about Eve)  


You were the ingredient that  

made Eden Paradise. 

Before you came 

this garden was a zoo 

of animals and birds 

a horticultural display 

of flowers and herbs 

which could not fill the lonely 

spaces in my heart. 

And then you came . . . 

someone to understand 


and love 

And I was satisfied. 



from On the Back Step by Doris Stensland 




Rachel, you were the pretty one. 

The little shepherdess, 

who caught his eye, 

whom Jacob loved. 

Year after year he labored 

to get you for his own. 

How you were loved! 


Fate threw a monkey-wrench  

into your life. 

There was no happiness 

until the day of joy arrived 

when you held baby Joseph in your arms. 

Then you felt loved! 


Those days were very short - 

and sorrowing Jacob laid you in a grave 

outside of Bethlehem. 

But his love for you went on, 

transferred to your two sons. 

To tell the truth, the future days  

would only have brought you grief. 

But these are the things you missed: 


You never knew the handsome lad 

your Joseph was. 

or knew that Jacob's God was with him!  

Not in your wildest dreams could you have guessed 

your son would one day rule  

the land of Egypt.  

How proud you would have been! 


Till Jacob's end, though you were gone, 

his love for you lived on. 

Yes, Rachel, you were loved!  


By Doris Stensland - January 2014 





Don't cry, Naomi! Don't cry!

..You have Ruth.

She'll glean in the barley field and care for you.

..and your old friends will weep with you.


Don''t cry, Naomi! Don't cry!

..your God has a plan.

He'll change your sobs into Lullabies.



You'll have wonderful "Grandma days'!

For your life story has a happy ending!


By Doris Stensland, written for bible study

(Women in Old Testament - Naomi) - July, 2018




(about Hannah) 


Almighty God,

You even hear my voiceless prayers.

When my emptiness sends me to You,

I know I will not return empty-handed.

You read my fears; each little soft whisper

gets Your attention.

YOU ARE THE God who answers prayers.


Nothing is too hard for You.

So, I will shout, and thank and praise You;

YOU work contrary to natural expectation,

and can bring surprising reversals.

Life and death, prosperity and adversity

are determined by Your sovereign power!

I am glad I belong to You,

My heart rejoices in YOU 

- the One who hears and answers! 


By Doris Stensland, written for bible study

(Women in Old Testament - Hannah) - July, 2018




(about Abigail) 


Bad people,

Good people.

At times when peoples' paths cross, there is crisis.

Will someone step up and save the day -

someone who has wisdom

and courage

and a kind heart?  

God, send someone to unravel the problem;

help them understand the situation and know what is right,  

so that with Your help the result will be Peace.


By Doris Stensland, written for bible study

(Women in Old Testament - Abigail) - August, 2018 



Practice Hospitality 

(about the Shunammite Woman) 


There's a WELCOME sign on her door, and she loves having guests in her home.

Have you noticed someone like this living in your neighborhood?

You've probably heard her tell everyone, "just drop in! The coffee pot is always on!"

And they mean it!

They have the same ingredients of hospitality that the Shunammite woman of old had,

especially when the travelling prophet of God made his rounds in Shunam.

She always made the prophet and his helper feel welcome when they stopped.

One day she had an idea. They could build a guest room for this man and his helper

so they could rest when they came to Shunam, which showed her generosity

and hospitality.

And her life was blessed for that.


Romans12:13 - Share with God's people who are in need. Practice hospitality. 


By Doris Stensland, written for bible study  

(Women in Old Testament - The Shunammite Woman) - August, 2018 



"F O R S U C H A T I M E A S T H I S " 

(about Esther)  


Lord, You work behind the scenes

and plan our days .. . . . .

where we should live,  

the folks to influence and love us;  

people, neighbors and friends to be acquainted with.

Our lives will follow Your blueprint for us,

a certain spot where we can be a blessing.

And it's " for such a time as this"

that we can do the work You have for us.


"From one man He made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth, and He determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live. - Acts 17:26


By Doris Stensland, written for bible study (Women in Old Testament - Esther) - August, 2018







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