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Our Words are Blossoms








Our Words are Blossoms is a collection of poems and articles written after moving to The Inn on Westport. The current then Chaplain encouraged Doris to write items which he used at various activities at the Inn.  



Excerpts from Our Words are Blossoms  

Daddy's Boy 

Rabbit Ears 

If Birds Could Talk 

Apple Blossom Time 



I asked the little fellow,

"Tell me, sonny, what's your name?"

The little fellow said with joy,

"I'm my Daddy's boy."


He was probably three or four.

He knew who he was, and to whom he belonged.

"I have a good Daddy and he's big and strong;

And I'm my Daddy's boy!"


He knew his Daddy loved him;

that his Daddy's lap was his.

Walking hand-in-hand with Dad,

that was childhood bliss.


Dear Lord,

Like the little fellow, I too can say with joy,

"I am my Father's child," 

a relationship I enjoy.

My Heavenly Father loves me and cares for me each day,

And comforts me by whispering, "Everything will be okay."





Soon we'll be seeing chocolate rabbits and stuffed bunnies 


but the real bunnies have already been here, 

making tracks in the snow on the farm. 

On our below zero winter days, 

they've been playing games on the lawn. 

And this conclusion I've drawn - 

God cares about rabbits and clothed them in fur, 

but whatever does occur 

to their long ears when it's 10 below? 

Yet each Spring they reappear and show 

their healthy ears and wrinkled noses. 

It doesn't look like anything has frozen. 


The rabbit's ears are special. They have an unusual trait. 

They can pick up sounds from far and near. 

Always alert and listening, they don't hesitate. 

At any slight rustling, the rabbit pricks up its ears, 

then sets them back, 

and like a shot it is out of sight. 

The TV rabbit ear antenna got its idea from there, 

to be a receptor and to receive sounds out of the air. 


God has given His people ears too, 

and He makes it very clear. 

Over and over we read in His Word, 

"He who has ears to hear, let him hear!" 

We get assistance listening, 

because the Holy Spirit gives us "rabbit ears". 

As we read His Word, He lets God's voice be heard 

loud and clear. 

And He helps us understand it and keeps us alert, 

as we hop through our days 

with the Holy Spirit as our expert. 




The robin on the lawn 

was a handsome bird. 

So self-assured. 


With a characteristic hop, 

he bent to grab an insect from the grass. 

Then paused and stood erect, 

a stately form in his formal best, 

his dark tuxedo with the rust-colored vest. 


This confident bird a message sent, 

"You can see that I'm content. 

God made me a robin; 

I'm His design. 

And a happier robin you'll never find." 


"But you humans, I hear you grumble a lot, 

always complaining about what you're not. 

Not satisfied with who you are, 

forgetting you're God's crowning glory by far. 

So hold your head high, 

you're His special creation, 

with even a close "Father-child" relation.              

And the fact that He loves you, what joy that should bring, 

what daily contentment and worshiping." 


By Doris Stensland



Oh, apple tree, 

You put on such a show 

when Springtime comes; 

Dressed as a bride 

attired in white, 

covered with dainty blooms, 

you are a lovely sight. 

Your beauty stirs me as I gaze. 

Have you heard my "oohs" and "aahs" of praise? 

The birds are chattering as they too applaud. 

We are admiring  

A masterpiece of God. 


By Doris Stensland




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