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Our Words are Blossoms








Our Words are Blossoms is a collection of poems and articles written after moving to The Inn on Westport. The Chaplain encouraged Doris to write items which he used at various activities at the Inn.  



Excerpts from Our Words are Blossoms  


Joy! Joy! Joy! 

Kisses from the King 

Cookies from Generation to Generation 

From Generation to Generation 




A twinkle in the eye, a smile and a song, 

Joy bubbling in me 

all the day long. 


Jesus loves me and I am forgiven, 

The Father looks after me 

and I'm headed for heaven. 

I have a skip in my step, 

a lilt in my voice. 

I am God's child, and I do rejoice. 


A twinkle in the eye, a ready smile and a song, 

unique characteristics of all who belong. 

Joy is the birthright of every believer. 

God's joy is my strength 

and I'm the receiver. 

I need never be downcast nor blue 

For Jesus said," May my joy be in you." 


A twinkle in the eye, a smile and a song; 

Joy is contagious, 

Spread it around. 

Whistle while you work 

and break into song. 

Soon there'll be others following along . . . 

. . . who have a twinkle in the eye, a ready smile and a song. 

By Doris Stensland in "Our Words are Blossoms"  


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According to rabbinical tradition, a kiss from God is a 

living word of prophecy. Have you ever had the experience of a 

verse from the Bible jumping off the page at you, and knowing 

that it was a word from God to you? If so, you've been kissed by 

the King. 


God also shows us His love in other ways: a sunrise or sunset, 

beautiful flowers, a bird's song, a friend, a newborn baby, a 

lovely song and whatever God has made happen to please you. 


They come on wings, 

when least expected, 

Butterfly moments designed for me, 

…a glorious sunset, an answered prayer. 

the joy of knowing that He is there. 

And when I offer my heartfelt praise 

He whispers to me this loving phrase…. 


Blessed kisses from the King, 

I treasure them more than anything. 

By Doris Stensland in "Our Words are Blossoms" 





When Grandma baked her cookies in her big black Majestic 


I always thought it was a mystery and also kind of strange 

how she could know how many corn cobs to get correct 

oven heat, 

for her cookies were always perfect when they came off 

the cookie sheet. 

With the aroma of baking cookies in the air, 

grandchildren came running from everywhere. 

It was a custom when Grandpa had his forenoon lunch, 

we would also be there to grab cookies to munch. 

Sometimes we'd sit on Grandpa's knee 

and dip sugar lumps in his coffee. 

These memories of childhood days are to me sublime - 

the days we were at Grandma's house 

at cookie baking time. 


Now when I hear my grandchildren are on the way, 

I hurry and bake cookies to fill up the tray. 

But I have an electric oven - no corn cobs for me; 

and I'll just set the oven temperature to the right degree. 

I use an electric mixer in this modern day. 

If Grandma could watch me, I wonder what she'd say. 

Plus I have something my Grandma never saw - 

- chocolate chips to add, which to grandchildren is a draw. 

I've seen chocolate chip cookies disappear in a flash. 

Now I'm the one making cookie memories that will last. 

By Doris Stensland in "Our Words are Blossoms" 





"I, the Lord, your God, an a jealous God, visiting the iniquities 

of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth 

generation of those who hate me….but showing steadfast love 

to thousands of those who love me and keep my 

commandments." Exodus 20:5,6 


Your life has been blessed 

because of the lives of 

- your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and 

- great-great grandparents. 

Many of them walked with the Lord. 

They were faithful to pass unto the next generation the 

knowledge of God. 

Some of their prayers still follow you today. 

If they could speak to you today, they would say, 

"In the end, what you do with Jesus is all that matters. 

Experience a life with Him, 

and pass it on 

so future generations also will be blessed." 


By Doris Stensland in "Our Words are Blossoms" 





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