On The Back Step



This book is a collection of the writings, mostly in free verse, done over the last 40 years. The writings are from those printed in the Lutheran Standard, the American Lutheran Church Women Scope, the Lutheran Ambassador, the Sioux Valley News column Country Style and for various church, family, or community events. Her family encouraged her to compile all her writings into one book. It is divided into six sections: Country Days, Nature Entertains, Family . . . and Other People, Special Days, Unto Thee, O Lord, Do I Lift Up My Voice, Conversations With Eve.   

The pictures at the beginning of each chapter and on the cover are of Doris' grandchildren and great grandchild when they were children.  






The Father's Love  

Valentine Prayer - A Denim Love  





I placed "I love yous" in my Word 

from Genesis to Jude. 

I desired each soul upon my earth 

know of its magnitude. 


And then I acted out my love -  

...my love for sinful man.... 

One black Friday when MY Son 

carried out the plan. 


I let Him die upon the cross, 

a sacrifice for sin, 

That He could be THE WAY - the bridge 

to bring my children in. 


Oh, come to Him  

Our love to know. 

My Father-heart yearns for you so.  


by Doris Stensland 





Give us a denim love 

that's tough enough to stand the strain 

of everydays and still remain, 

with warmth to melt our selfishness, 

strong enough to bear financial stress, 

A love that's comfortable and brings 

enjoyment in the little things, 

True, genuine and honest to the core, 

...........a denim love  

that's guaranteed to wear 

and each year grow better 

than before. 



by Doris Stensland 



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