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On The Back Step



This book is a collection of the writings, mostly in free verse, done over the last 40 years.  The writings are from those printed in the Lutheran Standard, the American Lutheran Church Women Scope, the Lutheran Ambassador, the Sioux Valley News column Country Style and for various church, family, or community events.  Her family encouraged her to compile all her writings into one book.  It is divided into six sections:  Country Days, Nature Entertains, Family . . . and Other People, Special Days, Unto Thee, O Lord, Do I Lift Up My Voice, Conversations With Eve.    

The pictures at the beginning of each chapter and on the cover are of Doris' grandchildren and great grandchild when they were children.  








                               Sometimes your Word comes as a pink dawn, 

                                    filtering into my remembrance 

                                    and turning my night into day. 

                               At times it arrives like lightning 

                                    striking at a vital part of me 

                                    and the message hits home. 

                               Often it falls as a summer rain 

                                    on my parched and thirsty heart, 

                                    and I am refreshed and revived. 

                               Frequently it settles like a sunset 

                                    and gives my whole world a golden glow 

                                    even clouds take on the color of your love. 

                               O Lord, I am glad that I am yours 

                                     and that you reach me 

                                     through your Word. 


by Doris Stensland published in ALCW Scope, 1974, and in her book, On the Back Step 




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