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This book is a collection of the writings, mostly in free verse, done over the last 40 years.  The writings are from those printed in the Lutheran Standard, the American Lutheran Church Women Scope, the Lutheran Ambassador, the Sioux Valley News column Country Style and for various church, family, or community events.  Her family encouraged her to compile all her writings into one book.  It is divided into six sections:  Country Days, Nature Entertains, Family . . . and Other People, Special Days, Unto Thee, O Lord, Do I Lift Up My Voice, Conversations With Eve.    

The pictures at the beginning of each chapter and on the cover are of Doris' grandchildren and great grandchild when they were children.  





Excerpts from: "Special Days"  

Don't Ever Take Salvation Lightly  

The Confrontation  

And The Cock Crowed  

The Message  

After Easter  

Ascension Day  


Don't Ever Take Salvation Lightly 


That night in the garden, He sweat drops of blood 

As He struggled with the assignment 

          That would bring us good. 

On His knees He agonized in Gethsemane 

-          Oh, don't ever take salvation lightly! 


As He hung on the cross in pain and disgrace, 

Even bereft of His Father's face, 

Willing to accept sin's penalty in our place, 

-          Please, never, never take it lightly! 


"It is FINISHED!"  He cries. 

It's a victory shout. 

"I've fought your battle, I've paid your price. 

I love you, my friend. 

-          But please, don't ever take it lightly!" 

By Doris Stensland 





                                    "Do you love me?"

                                    "Why, certainly," I said,

                                    and chattered on about

                                    my busy - ness

                                    my plans.


                                    "Do you really love me?"

                                    His eyes met mine.

                                    Uncomfortably I took the time

                                    To look within,

                                    and, lo, there was no room for Him.

                                    My heart was filled with self.....

                                    my choice

                                    my ways, 

                                    my things.

                                    In shame I bowed my head.


                                    "Do you love me?" 

                                    Again I heard His voice.

                                    I saw the nail prints in His hands,

                                    and slowly raised my eyes to His

,                                   and honestly confessed

                                    "Oh Lord, You know my heart." 

                                    He smiled and took my hand

                                    and now I listen for HIS choice.

                                                                   HIS plans.


By Doris Stensland 




                                                                                        Luke 33:60 

Good Friday morning was dawning 

as the rooster mounted its perch. 

Its cock-crow blared - 



      three times. 

It didn't realize 

its cock-a-doodle language 

would bring weeping. 

It was only meant 

to awaken 


. . . and it did!  



can be cheery alarm clocks, 

arousing man and beast 


from sleep's oblivion 

to the happy consciousness 

of a new day. 

. . . Or according to Peter, 

a shrill sad siren 

opening eyes 

to face past sins 

 . . . and the Savior. 


                                                                                                            By Doris Stensland 




                                    Everywhere I look I see

                                                LOST SHEEP............




                                                            wounded and

                                                            showing the effects of their wanderings.

                                    They act as if their shepherd is dead.


                                    Hurry and tell them the good news of Easter...........

                                                Their Good Shepherd Lives!

                                                He lives!          He lives!


By Doris Stensland




                   Is it back to old routines?  Just living on the fading joys 

                            of Easter morn? 


                    'Twas after Easter that excitement reigned 

                                       as followers beheld HIS face; 

                                       at unexpected times and place, 

                                   LO, HE WAS THERE!  


                   Today the LIVING Savior 

                            breaks into our days 

                                      at unexpected moments and in many 

                                  different ways 

                           to remind us . . . . . . . . . . . 

                  "LO, I AM WITH YOU ALWAY!"  


                                         By Doris Stensland 





Once again He was home at His Father's side. 

Earth had done its worst; He'd been crucified. 

Now the angels' announcement was clear and plain 

          "As He disappeared in the clouds, you'll see  

          Him coming again." 


So be busy in His harvest; Keep an eye on the sky. 

Each day be ready, for His return draweth nigh! 



                                                                                             II Timothy 4:8 

By Doris Stensland 






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