Love of the Land





Joel and LaVonne Strasser compiled photographs depicting family farming, which is father, mother, brother, sister and God all joining together in the project of growing crops, animals, and people, experiencing love while doing it. Doris Stensland provided the text for this publication. This book can be obtained through   











The true beauty that exists in every day rural life has been captured with over 100 color photographs. It shows the land, buildings, equipment, livestock, plus the other parts and parcels that together make up rural life. Both joy and sorrow are handled in a very sensitive and beautiful way.







Excerpt with text:





This "love of the land" is a mighty force that keeps pushing a man through thick and thin. He will spend his whole life wooing these black acres of loam. 

He will gamble his savings to feed her. He will borrow to keep her. He will scrimp and save so he can afford her. But it will be worth it all if in the fall she emerges bountiful and beautiful.  



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