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This book is a collection of Country Style columns which were written for a County weekly newspaper in the late 1960's. It light- heartedly records the daily events of farm life then. It shows how the farm animals entertained us with their antics and burdened us with concern for their welfare. These animals added a warm feeling to farm life, and put the heart in farming. The columns reflect the seasons on the farm, especially planting and harvest. 

Now farming has changed. During the last fifty years, there has been an exodus of the milk cows, pigs and chickens from the majority of farmsteads. This has left today's farms with only complicated giant machinery. 

May this book recall for you the days of milk cows, pigs, chickens and lambs, and leave you once again with the warm feeling of those days. Each column ends with a brief comment on God's importance in our lives.

This book would be of interest to anyone who has lived on a farm or is interested in the rural lifestyle.


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February 13, 1969


The Farmer's Love Affair

You cannot be a farmer without a special love - "the love of the land". The farmer's wife is very much aware of this strong attachment. 

I guess it all started in his youth. The land was his first love. She charmed him with her rambling brook and he went adventuring in her woods. He got to know her as he watched his father tirelessly care for her. She was a challenge. If he could conquer and possess her, he should feel like a man! 

He soon found that to have her brought both joy and trouble. He hadn't realized how demanding she would be. But he never tires of her beauty. 

In summer she radiates vitality in her green velvet. In fall he watches her with pride as she models her luxurious tweeds. Even in winter he admires her as she lies sleeping in shimmering white. But I guess spring is when she excites him most. Then he sees her possibilities and her helplessness. This is when she wraps him around her fingers. Then begins again this annual re-blooming of love. For months she will come first in his life. He will spend his days, early and late, with her. He will expend his strength on her. He will gamble his savings to feed her. He will borrow to keep her. He will scrimp and save so he can afford her. But it will be worth it all if in the fall she emerges successful and beautiful. 

He will find out that she won't always respond to his devotion. There will be times when she will disappoint him and leave him  



with empty hands and an empty pocketbook. 

He will never outgrow this infatuation. Even when he is old and bent with age, he will still get that same old thrill when he gazes on her rolling fields. 

This "love of the land" is a mighty force that keeps pushing a man through thick and thin. He will spend his whole life wooing these black acres of loam. 

But she will live on to entice his children and his children's children. 


Valentine - Country Style


I'll not send a valentine 

Of dainty hearts and lace. 

To my farmer I'll transcribe 

Farm symbols in its place. 


It will shine with golden sunbeams 

And sparkle with the dew 

To tell him, "As you need these  


So I depend on you." 


"Twill have designs of sprouted  


To show our love's vast size, 

(A rose dies with the summertime; 

Grain each year multiplies.) 


And finally I'll be-ribbon it 

With rugged bailing wire. 

"May we always hang together." 

- That's my valentine desire. 


GOD sent His valentine - not on February 14th - but on a Christmas Eve over 1000 years ago. It had all of our names on it. 

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life."

John 3:16  








February 12, 1970



Give us a denim love 

that's tough enough to stand the  


of every days and still remain; 

strong enough to take financial  


and warm enough to melt our  


A love that's comfortable and  


enjoyment in the little things. 

True, genuine and honest to the  


A denim love that's guaranteed to  


and each year grow better than  



LOVE IS "give and take". It's more than words. If it's there, it will come through in actions that will bring pleasure and happiness to the loved one. 

She bakes a chocolate cake, even though she's on a diet, because he likes it. That's love! 

He gives up buying a tractor cab so she can have the carpeting she's been wanting. That's love! 

She spends the afternoon at the fair letting him show her the new machinery. That's love! 

Usually men live in two worlds - the business work-a-day world and their home life. Not the farmer. His home life and his work life are all interwoven into one piece. His wife is in on all of his business life. She is there to rejoice when the cow has twins and pat him on the back when the corn goes a hundred bushels to the acre. She is there with a hand to hold when hail comes or the 



pigs get sick. The farmer's wife cannot separate her home life from the farm life. She must always be there to help, to cheer, to encourage, to love and understand. 


YOU MAY think it's just an old seed catalog, but let me tell you what it can do. 

Seed catalogs stir us up to new dreams and give us ideas for summer beauty and a longing for fresh garden eating. 

You have to have a dream before you have a goal, and you have to have a goal before you get into action. Poring over a seed catalog starts the ball rolling and soon results in ordering seeds, plants and bulbs, which in turn forces you to roll up your sleeves to care for them. 

Next summer when these flowers are blooming and the pods of peas are hanging on the vine, remember that it all started the day a little old seed catalog came in the mail. 


IT MAY take a seed catalog to stir us up to make our world more beautiful, but WE must stir up our world... 

"And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works." Heb. 10:24.







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