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Country Style - Living the Farm Life



This book is a collection of Country Style columns which were written for a County weekly newspaper in the late 1960's.  It light- heartedly records the daily events of farm life then. It shows how the farm animals entertained us with their antics and burdened us with concern for their welfare.  These animals added a warm feeling to farm life, and put the heart in farming.   The columns reflect the seasons on the farm, especially planting and harvest. 

          Now farming has changed.  During the last fifty years, there has been an exodus of the milk cows, pigs and chickens from the majority of farmsteads.  This has left today's farms with only complicated giant machinery. 

          May this book recall for you the days of milk cows, pigs, chickens and lambs, and leave you once again with the warm feeling of those days.  Each column ends with a brief comment on God's importance in our lives.

           This book would be of interest to anyone who has lived on a farm or is interested in the rural lifestyle.


    Cover Drawing and Illustrations by Doris Stensland




Country Style heading - B&W  

November 6, 1969



                   Fall Beauty  


     Twin birch trees standing side by  


Milk-white bark peeking through golden leaves. 

Lovely birches delicately glistening in the autumn sun 

Give me a Joyce Kilmer feeling. 

And I stand in awe  

at the artistry of God. 


          IT LOOKS like cotton-picking time. The burst milkweed pods with their white balls of fluff still clinging to the stem resemble cotton plants. But no farmer wants to harvest this soft silky stuff...for it is weed seeds. 


                   "A BIRD in the hand is worth two in the bush" would be translated by the farmer today as "an ear of corn in the bin is worth a hundred ears of corn in the field." He has nightmares of a good snowfall that would interfere with his corn-picking. 

          The farmer is anxious enough to get his corn picked but much of it is too wet to crib. I guess he'll have to do what the housewife does when she wants to wash clothes on a rainy day - use the dryer! 


          THINGS I noticed the first day of Standard Time: 

-  The milk cows patiently waiting for the farmer, with a slightly puzzled look as if they were wondering why he was an hour late. 

-  Babies ready for their afternoon naps before they had their noon meal. 



-  The dog sitting by the back door waiting for her food an hour before suppertime.

-   Feeling it was time for bed, but the clock telling us it was too early. 

          Babies and animals are at a disadvantage because they can't tell time. They just have to go by their built-in feelings. 


         LIFE CAN be frustrating. Changes here and changes there. We are always being asked to adjust to something or someone. How good it is to know there is One who is unchanging and dependable, day after day, year after year and age after age. 

          "For I am the Lord - I do not change."                         Mal. 3:6


milkweed - b&w 








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