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Breakfast with Jesus Everyday







Written by  

Doris Stensland 

Breakfast with Jesus Everyday is a collection of meditations and thoughts pertaining to our daily walk with Jesus.  They are based on select verses from God's Word. 




Jesus' Invitation 


Come, share the road with Me. 

I'd love to have your company. 

The new year's path you do not know 

so take My hand and I will show 

the adventures God has planned for you. 


We'll take the road that's gently winding, 

where each day new joys we're finding. 

When the road is steep and rough, 

My guidance and strength will be enough. 


Often signposts we will see. A detour then will only be 

a scenic route when you're with Me. 

Don't fear when fog obscures our view, 

for that cloud is My Presence protecting you. 


The road winds uphill all the way. 

You'll get closer to Heaven every day. 

So come, please share the road with Me. 

We'll have such sweet camaraderie.  


By Doris Stensland





            When ordinary language failed the Apostle Paul, he made up a word for his own use - "Exceeding Abundantly."  Paul knew of no superlative that could describe his sense of the overwhelming power of God and the Holy Spirit, so he constructed a word of his own -"exceeding abundantly".  Paul points out that this power flows up and out and is running over.   It is like a spring and is immeasurable! 

          We can measure the contents of a cistern or a reservoir, and at any moment tell how many gallons each contains, but who can measure a spring?  You can compare a spring to the divine power of God, which has exceeding abundance and keeps coming and coming.  A spring is immeasurable. 

          We can bring our containers to the spring and take them away filled to overflowing, and the exceeding abundance still remains!  The giving of our Lord is an inexhaustible well.  Paul had discovered such great and radiant revelations of God's power that his rich vocabulary could not express it.  The word he created was "exceeding abundantly". And that assures us that God's power and love is enough for us all!  And it includes you and me!   


"He is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we  

ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us."  

-  Ephesians 3:20  





By Doris Stensland 



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