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Haul The Water, Haul The Wood
Ole's Promise
The Music Man from Norway
Breakfast with Jesus Every Day
On The Back Step
Country Style - Living the Farm Life
Love of the Land
Norwegian Cookbook - Vaer saa god
Our Words are Blossoms
Advent Devotional


Haul The Water, Haul The Wood is grounded in historical fact, and follows the general outline of the lives of Johanna and Ole Overseth, early pioneers in Lincoln County, South Dakota.


Several years ago I found my great-grandmother's old Norwegian hymnbook. Inside she had written, "Johanna Overseth, 1887, Philippians 3:20." On looking up this Bible reference I read, "For our citizenship is in heaven." I became curious to know more of her life and times. This research has held a special fascination, for her life is, in fact, a root to which I am attached and this research resulted in the writing of Haul the Water, Haul the Wood.  



From the tree-covered mountainsides that form the Hurdal valley in Norway, a young man immigrates to the flat, hot Dakota prairies in the late 1880's.   


Ole's Promise is a sequel to Haul the Water, Haul the Wood and follows the lives of the next generation.   An historical novel based on fact, this book shows the life of a newcomer who makes good, but who can't be loosened from the bonds that tie him to his Fatherland, and to his mother and childhood home.  It is set in the time period of the turn of the century and depicts a life very interesting, but very different from today.







The Music Man From Norway is an historical novel that follows the life of a musician from Norway who brought music to the Dakota prairies at the turn of the century.  He organized and instructed many men's choruses, bands and orchestras, presenting concerts and musical entertainment.  








Breakfast with Jesus Everyday is a collection of meditations and thoughts pertaining to our daily walk with Jesus.  They are based on select verses from God's Word. 





On The Back Step is a collection of free verse and poetry on a variety of subjects, from Country, Family, and Special Days, to Prayers and Conversations With Eve, all written in a warm and everyday manner from the author's heart.











Country Style - Living the Farm Life is a collection of Country Style columns which were written for a county weekly newspaper in the late 1960's.  It light-heartedly records the daily events of farm life then.  We see the farm animals entertain us with their antics and burden us with concern for their welfare.  Each column ends reminding us of God's part in our lives.   





Our Words are Blossoms is a collection of poems and articles written after moving to The Inn on Westport.  The Chaplain encouraged Doris to write items which he used at various activities at the Inn.





Joel and LaVonne Strasser compiled photographs depicting family farming in their book, Love of the Land.  Doris Stensland provided the text










The recipe book includes not only recipes of family and friends, but information on Growing Up Foods, Christmas Foods, Feeding Threshers,  Norwegian Foods, and more.











Brief devotionals for each day of Advent.


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